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Easy Homemade Acne Treatment

photo by freebiefindingmom.com

Are you using a store bought cream to another product to treat a problem with acne? One issue any with store bought products is they contain lots of chemicals and additives. If you want to use a healthier option, then a homemade acne treatment may be preferred.

Making a homemade acne treatment is actually pretty easy to do. The main ingredient you will need to use is coconut oil. A variety of essential oils will also be used. You will want to have lavender, tea tree, and lemon essential oils on hand. If you need coconut oil, you can find it on Amazon.

A glass jar like a mason jar can be used for your homemade acne treatment. You may also use any plastic container that has an airtight lid. Simply rub a small amount of your acne treatment on your skin when an acne breakout occurs. Reapply as needed until your acne stats to disappear. Instructions to make your own homemade acne treatment are on freebiefindingmom.com here…