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Friday, March 30, 2018

Make A Homemade Febreeze

Make A Homemade Febreeze
photo by inspirationalmomma.com

Do you use a product like Febreeze to cover up foul odors in your home? This product works well to get rid of the odor from smelly shoes and garbage. The reason it works so well is to due chemicals. If you want something that works just as good, then you need to make a homemade Febreeze.

There are many ways to make a homemade Febreeze, but more are not entirely chemical free. You will need to use some sort of fabric softener. However, there are natural or organic fabric softeners that you can use.

All you will need to do is blend the proper ingredients to make a homemade Febreeze. This is easy to do in a bowl. Simply pour the mixture into an existing Febreeze bottle or other spray bottle with a funnel. Add water and then shake to combine before each use. One batch should last about three weeks or so. Instructions to make a homemade Febreeze can be found on inspirationalmomma.com here...

Make A Homemade Febreeze