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Monday, September 26, 2016

DIY Window Blind Cleaning Tool

DIY Window Blind Cleaning Tool
photo by sprinklesomefun.com

Do you use find that window blinds are difficult to clean when they are covered in dirt and grime? A lot of people may try to wipe them down with soap and water. If you want an easy way to clean your window blinds, then a DIY window blind cleaning tool may be the answer.

The best thing about a DIY window blind cleaning tool is you are not spreading a lot of dust around. You will only need a microfiber cloth and a set of kitchen tongs to make this tool. A dollar store will probably have a cheap pair if you do not want to use your good tongs.

Simply add some dusting spray to your DIY blind cleaning tool before using it to clean the blinds. An alternative to a store bought dusting spray might be preferred. This homemade dusting spray may be one option to consider. Slide the tool along each slat to remove any dust and dirt. Instructions to make your own DIY blind cleaning tool are on sprinklesomefun.com here…

DIY Blind Cleaning Tool