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Sunday, September 25, 2016

DIY Oven Cleaner

DIY Oven Cleaner
photo by helloglow.co

Do you use harsh chemicals to clean your oven when it gets really dirty? Chemicals will work well for getting rid of grime and dirt, but they are not all that healthy. If you prefer to have a more natural alternative, then the best option is to make a DIY oven cleaner.

The best part about a DIY oven cleaner is, it does not contain any chemicals. In fact, you may have all of the ingredients to make this cleaner in your kitchen. The main thing to remember when cleaning the inside of an oven is to have an abrasive component.

Simply apply the DIY oven cleaner to the inside of a dirty oven and wait a few hours for it to work. An ideal time to wait is at least eight hours or overnight. Wipe down the inside of the oven using a cloth or sponge. Keep in mind a bit of scrubbing may be necessary to have the best results. Instructions to make a DIY oven cleaner can be found on helloglow.co here…