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Sunday, September 11, 2016

DIY Refrigerator Odor Spray

DIY Refrigerator Odor Spray
photo by theseamanmom.com

Do you clean out your refrigerator only after old food has begun to spoil? Waiting too long can lead to good beginning to smell bad, which can give your entire refrigerator a bad odor. An easy way to get rid of an unpleasant odor is to make a DIY refrigerator odor spray.

Making a DIY refrigerator odor spray will be really easy to do. The best part is the main ingredient for your odor spray is probably already in your kitchen. White wine vinegar is what you will need, but any white vinegar should be OK to use too.

An empty spray bottle will be needed for your DIY refrigerator odor spray. Simply rinse out an old one or go get a cheap one at a dollar store. You can also find small spray bottles on Amazon. Just spray the inside of your refrigerator after cleaning it out and wipe clean. Instructions to make a DIY refrigerator odor spray are available on theseamanmom.com here…

DIY Refrigerator Odor Spray