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Saturday, September 10, 2016

DIY Bubbling Bath Salts

photo by yourbeautyblog.com

Do you enjoy a soothing and relaxing bath at the end of a hard or stressful day? If you are adding any store bought products to your bath, you may want to stop. Bath salts will be a better option and come in a variety of selections. Bubbling bath salts may be just what you need.

Epsom salts are the main ingredient in a bubbling bath salts recipe or in any recipe for bath salts. A body wash that is unscented or has a pleasant scent is another ingredient. If you do not have Epsom salts to use at home, you can order some from Amazon.

Once you make a batch of bubbling bath salts that have had time to dry, a container will be needed. A mason jar will be a perfect to use. However, any container that has an airtight lid will work. Add a tablespoon or two of bath salts when drawing a hot bath. Instructions to make your own bubbling bath salts are on yourbeautyblog.com here…