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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Make Oregano Infused Honey

Make Oregano Infused Honey
photo by homespunseasonalliving.com

Are you interested in ways to use herbs with other foods to make a superfood? There are a lot of ways for you to do this, depending on the foods you have available. If you have some oregano and honey in your kitchen, then you can easily make oregano infused honey.

The process used to make oregano infused honey is super easy, but is not that fast. Infusing may take a few weeks to complete or can be done in less than an hour based on what you need. You need to wait a month or so to infuse oregano with honey,

Organic honey and fresh oregano should be used to make oregano infused honey. However, honey that is store bought or even the use of dry oregano will be OK to see how the process works. One of ways to use your infused honey is to brush it on freshly baked dinner rolls. Instructions to make oregano infused honey are available on homespunseasonalliving.com hee...

Make Oregano Infused Honey