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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

DIY Poison Ivy Lotion

DIY Poison Ivy Lotion
photo by scratchmommy.com

Do you apply a store bought cream to help soothe a poison ivy outbreak? A cream you buy at the store may not be the best solution as they will contain all sorts of additives. A natural solution will be better. One option is to make a DIY poison ivy lotion.

The best thing about a DIY poison ivy lotion is it treats skin irritation in many ways. One thing about a poison ivy outbreak that is annoying is an itchy rash. The lotion you make helps to dry out the rash and draw toxins from the skin. This lotion will also help to soothe the skin.

A lot of the ingredients for a DIY poison ivy lotion you may already have. The ones that you don't will be really easy to obtain from a local health store or online. Simply apply some of your lotion when the skin starts to show signs of a poison ivy rash. Instructions to make your own DIY poison ivy lotion can be found on scratchmommy.com here...

DIY Poison Ivy Lotion