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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

DIY Homemade Drano

DIY Homemade Drano
photo by happymoneysaver.com

Do you have sinks that get clogged and require some extra effort to get them unclogged? One way that many people unclog a sink is to use a store bought drain cleaner like Drano. These are not really good to have in the home. You are better off using a DIY homemade Drano instead.

Making a DIY homemade Drano is actually really easy to do. You will need to use just three ingredients to remove a clog in a kitchen sink or a bathroom sink. A reaction will occur that will help to loosen clogs so they will simply wash away.

You may have used this type of process before, but maybe not in the best way. There are a few steps to do to make your DIY homemade Drano work as intended. The best thing is the ingredients you need to use will be all natural and are probably already in your kitchen Instructions to make your own DIY homemade Drano are on happymoneysaver.com here...

DIY Homemade Drano