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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Copycat Hostess Donettes

Copycat Hostess Donettes
photo by margeauxvittoria.com

Do you like snack cakes like Hostess donettes found in a lot of grocery stores? You may not know that these types of foods contain all sorts of additives that make these types of foods unhealthy. A better option is to make your own copycat Hostess donettes at home.

Making copycat Hostess donettes is really easy to do and they will be healthier too. A donut mold will be needed if you want to have your donettes be a specific size. You can easily find a donut mold to use on sites like Amazon. The recipe you use will make you about 22 mini donuts per batch.

The total time to make a batch of copycat Hostess donettes in less than one hour. You can mix up your chocolate coating while the donuts are baking. If you do not have a mini donut maker to use, then you need to bake the donuts in your oven. Instructions to make your own copycat Hostess donettes are on margeauxvittoria.com here...