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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Strengthening Nettle Hair Rinse

Strengthening Nettle Hair Rinse
photo by pistachioproject.com

Are you using a store bought hair conditioning product after you wash your hair? These are made to help restore the shine to your hair, but do so by using various chemicals and additives. A better option for a healthy head of hair is to make a strengthening nettle vinegar hair rinse.

Making a strengthening nettle vinegar hair rinse requires making an infusion. If you have never made an infusion before, the process is not that hard. The only drawback is waiting the required time it to finish, It will be about two weeks of waiting, but the results you see will be amazing.
You will apply the strengthening nettle hair rinse just like you would any other conditioner. Just add two Tbs to any squirt bottle and add about 8 ounces of water before applying it to your hair. If you need nettle for this task, you can find it online at sites like Amazon. Instructions to make your own strengthening nettle hair rinse are on pistachioproject.com here...

Strengthening Nettle Hair Rinse