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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Flavored Oil Pulling Poppers

Flavored Oil Pulling Poppers
photo by healyeatsreal.com

Are you looking for a way to clean your teeth when you are not home to brush or floss? One way to do this is to use mouthwash. However, any store bought brand contains many chemicals and additives. A better solution will be to use flavored oil pulling poppers.

The best thing about flavored oil pulling poppers is they are the size of candy. Keep a few pieces in the cup holder of your car or in a contain in your purse. Simply pop one in your mouth whenever you have a few minutes and want to clean your teeth. You can even do this on the way to work.

Coconut oil and essential oils will be necessary to make flavored oil pulling poppers. You will make your poppers on the stove and pour the mixture into candy molds. If you do not have a candy mold to use, a lot can be found on sites like Amazon. Instructions to make your own flavored oil pulling poppers are on healyeatsreal.com here...

Flavored Oil Pulling Poppers