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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Homemade Shower Cleaner

Homemade Shower Cleaner
photo by couponcloset.net

Do you buy a product like Scrubbing Bubbles to clean the shower? Maybe you use another spray like Tilex to do the job. The main problem with store bought cleaning products is they have lots of harmful chemicals. You will be better off making a homemade shower cleaner.

A homemade shower cleaner is not completely chemical free, as you need to use some liquid dish soap as an ingredient. However, there are natural dish soaps that are available. The other ingredient you will use for this homemade product is vinegar.

The best thing to do is to use your homemade shower cleaner after taking a shower. You can apply this product by using a spray bottle or with a dish soap dispenser. If you use a dish soap dispenser, you do not need to use a sponge. Allow the mixture to do its work for a few minutes and then wipe down your shower. Instructions to make a batch of homemade shower cleaner are on couponcloset.net here...

Homemade Shower Cleaner