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Thursday, April 28, 2016

DIY All-Natural Lotion Bits

DIY All-Natural Lotion BIts
photo by instructables.com

Do you use a lot of store bought lotions at home and want something more natural? There are a variety of recipes available to make homemade lotions. If you want to have something that is also great to use as a homemade gift, then consider making all-natural lotion bits.

The best thing about all-natural lotion bits is they melt in your hand. Just one is all you need to use for moisturizing your hands. You can also apply some lotion to your arms and legs. Making your lotion will be pretty easy, but you need to use a double boiler.

Candy molds will be perfect to use for your all-natural lotion bits. Ice cube trays are also an option for you to consider if you to make a lotion bar. Just place the mold in your refrigerator until the lotion has fully hardened. You can keep your lotion bits in a glass jar or other suitable container. Instructions to make your own all-natural lotion bits are on instructables.com here... 

DIY All-Natural Lotion Bits