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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Tasty And Healthy No-Bake Cookies

Tasty And Healthy No-Bake Cookies
photo by superhealthykids.com

Do you enjoy snacking on no-bake cookies or have them as a treat growing up? These perfect cookies to make when you do not have time for baking. The only downside is traditional recipes call for one to two cups of sugar. A better alternative is to make some tasty and healthy no-bake cookies.

One of the most common ingredients in no-bake cookies is chocolate. Healthy no-bake cookies are not any different, but you can use organic chocolate chips instead of the regular store bought kind. You are also going to use maple syrup as a sweetener for the cookies. 
Baking is not required to make no-bake cookies, but you will need to use your stove top. Many of your ingredients need to be boiled to mix together. This will be all of your we ingredients and one of the dry ingredients. Simply wait for the cookies to cool or put them in the refrigerator to firm up. Instructions to make a batch of healthy no-bake cookies are on superhealthykids.com here...

Tasty And Healthy No-Bake Cookies