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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Make A DIY Natural Neosporin

Make a DIY Natural Neosporin
photo by purposefullysimple.com

Are you always impressed at the way ointments like Neopsorin help wounds heal more quickly? If you want to stop applying this type of petroleum based product, then an alternative is needed. A terrific solution will be to make a DIY natural Neosporin.
Making a DIY natural Neosporin will not be hard to do, but it is a multiple step process. An oil will need to be made that will take up to three weeks. However, a crock pot can be used to make the oil faster. This oil is important and needs to be the right consistency. Just make sure you don't overheat it. 
The amount of DIY natural Neosporin you will make is enough to fill two 8 oz jars. You can also use a plastic container like those for lip balm too. Essential oils are also an option if you want your ointment to have a pleasant smell and some additional healing properties. Instructions to make your own DIY natural Neosporin are on purposefullysimple.com here...

Make a DIY Natural Neosporin