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Friday, December 7, 2018

Homemade Cold Tonic

Homemade Cold Tonic
photo by bloomandnourish.com

Do you or anyone you know get sick with the cold a lot? There are many ways for you to treat some or all of the symptoms of the common cold. However, taking a store bought medication is not a good way to go. You are better off making a homemade cold tonic.

The best thing about a homemade cold tonic is it will also help to boost your immune system. This is important, as a strong immune system will help fend off many types of illnesses. You may find that you may not be as susceptible to getting sick all of the time

Garlic will be the main ingredient in your homemade cold tonic. Apple cider vinegar is also an ingredient you will be using, as is honey. These are some of the best anti-inflammatory ingredients to have in a homemade cold medicine. You can eat a clove or garlic at a time or make a cold fighting tea. Instructions to make a homemade cold tonic at home are available on bloomandnourish.com here...

Homemade Cold Tonic