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Friday, November 30, 2018

Scented Pine Cone Display

Scented Pine Cone Display
photo by ehow.com

Do you buy scented decorations from the store to put up in your home during the fall? Most items you will find at the store contain various chemicals and harmful additives? Something that is homemade is better to use like a DIY scented pine cone display. All you will need is a supply of real pine cones.

Making your own DIY scented pine cone] display is actually really easy to do. Your oven will be an important part of this process as the pine cones need to be heated. Heating the pine cones opens them up and also helps to kill bacteria or bugs that are present.

The key to making a DIY scented pine cone display is using cinnamon essential oil. This oil is potent and a little will go a long way. The only downside is the pine cones will need about four weeks or so for the cinnamon scent to completely infuse. Additional scents can also be added. Instructions to make a DIY scented cone display are on ehow.com here…

DIY Scented Pine Cone Display