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Friday, December 2, 2016

Clean Your Microwave Naturally

Clean Your Microwave Naturally
photo by creeklinehouse.com

Does the inside of your microwave look like an exploded disaster? This usually occurs when foods like a bowl of chili or even spaghetti sauce are heated without being covered. If you do not want to do lots of scrubbing, the best option is to clean your microwave naturally.

The process to clean your microwave naturally will be really easy to do. Steam will actually be used to help loosen any food that has been caked on the inside of the microwave. The key to how the process works is using lemon juice. This could be lemon juice that is from a bottle or from a fresh lemon.

A microwave safe bowl is all you will need to use to clean your microwave naturally. You do need to wipe down the inside, but no hard scrubbing will be necessary. This means you will not need to use any type of chemical cleaners to make the inside of any microwave look like new. Instructions to clean your microwave naturally are available on creeklinehouse.com here…

Clean Your Microwave Naturally