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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Dry Hand Lotion

Dry Hand Lotion
photo by oneessentialcommunity.com

Does the cold winter weather play havoc with your skin and leave it chapped and dry? A cream that has been bought at the store is likely the only treatment that most people will use. However, a better option for treating skin issues during the winter months is to use a dry hand lotion.

The best thing about a dry hand lotion is it is entirely natural and not very hard to make. All you need is the proper ingredients to make a batch of your own at home. Shea butter is the main ingredient and you also need a carrier oil, like sweet almond oil or avocado oil.

Once all the ingredients for your dry hand lotion have been blended together, some small containers can then be filled. Mason jars are a good choice for a container, hut small plastic jars will work too. If you have some left over, you might want to package it to have to use as a homemade gift. Instructions to make your own dry hand lotion are on oneessentialcommunity.com here…

Dry Hand Lotion