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Reasons To Use Soy Candles

.photo by crafthubs.com

Are you burning candles in your home that have been made from paraffin? Paraffin is petroleum based and is the cause of the black soot you see when they are being burned. You and everyone in your home is inhaling this soot and any unhealthy fumes. If you want a healthier alternative, the best solution is to use a green product like soy candles. Soy wax candles have many fascinating benefits.
They Are All Natural Vegetable oil from soybeans is what is used to make soy candles. This means they do not produce any type of byproduct when they are burned. The best part is these candles are also biodegradable and can be disposed of without any restrictions. Any cleanup that is needed is a breeze as you only need to use soap and water. These candles may also be blended with other natural materials like beeswax. They Burn Cleaner They burn cleaner as there is little soot produced and you will not need to worry about ceilings, walls, or candle jars turning black. The soot from paraffin candles is one of the reasons the furniture in your home may look discolored. One thing to keep in mind is you may find candles that may have a blend of soy and paraffin that could still produce some black soot. Make sure to read the label on the candle to see where it was made. They Burn Longer Candles that are made from soy wax burn cooler and as a result will last longer too. You should see a 50 percent longer burn rate than regular paraffin candles. A longer burn rate means they will also be a bit more expensive than candles made from paraffin. However, the trade off is worth the extra cost as you will be getting a longer lasting candle. They Are Non-Toxic The byproducts that are produced when burning paraffin candles in your home may be the reason for the onset of allergies. If you have allergies or suffer from asthma, then these candles are ideal, as they can be scented with essential oils to use for aromatherapy. Candles made from soy wax will not have any harmful pollutants. They will be perfectly safe to use around kids and pets. They Have a Stronger Scent The slow burning nature of soy candles means that the scent is much stronger and better than paraffin candles. You will see the wax pools at the top and does not melt as fast. Any oils added to the wax can last a long time as it will be release gradually. One candle is all you might need to burn, depending on the size of the room. The best reason to use soy wax candles is they are made from a renewable resource. Any farmers who grow soybeans may be supplying the raw materials needed to make these candles. If you are still using paraffin candles in your home, you will notice a big difference when you switch to candles made from soy.