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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Exfoliating Salt Scrub Bar

Exfoliating Salt Scrub Bar
photo by soapdelinews.com

Do you use a store bought face scrub to remove dirt and dead skin from your face? Most products from all types of stores contain many chemical compounds and additives. What you should do instead is use an exfoliating salt scrub bar that is homemade.

Making an exfoliating salt scrub bar will not be that hard to do. The process is similar to scrubs you can make using sugar. All you will need is the proper ingredients and a bit of patience. The key to the effectiveness of this scrub bar is the main ingredient, which just happens to be sea salt.

The use of a double boiler on a stove is the best way to blend all of the ingredients used in the recipe for an exfoliating salt scrub bar. The best part about making your own exfoliating bars is you get to use a variety of molds. These will also be a terrific gift idea. Instructions to make an exfoliating salt scrub bar can be found on soapdelinews.com here…

Exfoliating Salt Scrub Bar