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DIY Sleep Salve

DIY Sleep Salve
photo by popsugar.com

Do you use a store bought product like a sleep aid or a muscle relaxing cream to help you sleep? These types of products contain chemicals that can potentially cause negative effects on the body. A solution that is much healthier is to use a DIY sleep salve.

Making a DIY sleep salve will not be that complicated. All you need is the right ingredients and access to a stove. Ingredients you will use include olive oil, coconut oil, beeswax, and essential oils. There are five essential oils you will use in this salve.

Once the ingredients are heated and mixed together, you can pour the mixture into a glass jar. You are going to have about 16 ounces of salve to use yourself or to have as a gift. To use. rub some of the DIY sleep salve on sore muscles, your hands, or your forehead before you go to bed. Instructions to make a DIY sleep salve can be found on popsugar.com here…