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Monday, October 3, 2016

DIY Petroleum Jelly Alternative

DIY Petroleum Jelly Alternative
photo by learningandyearning.com

Do you use a store bought petroleum jelly at home to keep your skin moisturized or help treat a skin ailment? Petroleum jelly found at the store can be expensive and is not all that healthy. You might want to make a super simple DIY petroleum jelly alternative instead.

Making a DIY petroleum jelly alternative is actually really easy to do. In fact, two ingredients are used to make a homemade product that is just as good as the store bought version. All you will need is some olive oil and beeswax. A stove or hot plate will also be used as heat is required.

Essential oils can also be used when making a DIY petroleum jelly alternative. Once your ingredients are melted, simply pour the mixture into a glass jar or into any other suitable container. The project will last you a long time and does not need to be refrigerated. Instructions to make a DIY petroleum jelly alternative are on learningandyearning.com here…