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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

All Natural Spray Starch

All Natural Spray Starch
photo by popsugar.com

Are you using a store bought spray when pressing clothes, such as shirts? You are actually using a product with chemical additives that could cause problems like breakouts. A better option is to make something that is healthier to use like an all natural spray starch.

Making an all natural spray starch will actually be really easy to do. The best part is you may already have all the ingredients you need in your kitchen pantry. As long as you have a stove to use and access to a saucepan, you are all set.

The key to making an all natural spray starch is corn starch. Heat will be needed to mix the ingredients together. Once the mixture has cooled a bit, you need to pour it into any spray bottle you have handy. This spray will last a long time. All you need to do is shake the bottle a little bit before each use. Instructions to make your own all natural spray starch can be found on popsugar.com here…

All Natural Spray Starch