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Sunday, October 9, 2016

All-Natural Makeup Remover

All-Natural Makeup Remover
photo by craftychristian.com

Do you use a store bought product to remove makeup when you are home for the night? Most products that you find at the store to remove makeup contain all types of additives. A healthier option is to make an all-natural makeup remover instead.

The process to make an all-natural makeup remover is really easy to do. In fact, you need just two ingredients? Coconut oil is one ingredient and baby shampoo is the other. Just make sure that you have fractionated coconut oil. One of the best places to find a suitable bottle to use at home is on Amazon.

A supply of cotton makeup pads is also needed for an all-natural makeup remover. You will also need a small glass jar with a sealable lid. A plastic container will work too. Rub a cotton pad on your face as you normally would at night or any time of the day to remove makeup. Instructions to make your own all-natural makeup remover are on craftychristian.com here…

All-Natural Makeup Remover