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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Make A Homemade Leather Cleaner

Make A Homemade Leather Cleaner
photo by popsugar.com

Do you buy a leather cleaner or conditioner to clean leather furniture in your home? There will be no reason to use any product that relies on chemical compounds when DIY solutions are available. A perfect idea to try at home is to use a homemade leather cleaner as a store bought alternative.

The process to make a homemade leather cleaner is actually pretty easy. You only need to use just three ingredients to make an effective cleaner to use on leather furniture. The best part is, you may already have all of the ingredients you need. Olive oil and vinegar are the two main ingredients you need to have.

Simply mix the ingredients in a squeeze bottle or other suitable container. Apply a bit of the mixture to some paper towel and wipe over your furniture. Just make sure you vacuum your furniture first, before you make a homemade leather leaner to use on your furniture. Instructions to make a homemade leather cleaner can be found on popsugar.com here...