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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Homemade Cuticle Oil

Homemade Cuticle Oil
photo by  freebiefindingmom.com

Are you spending a lot of money on store bought creams or lotions to treat your damaged cuticles? You may want to look at alternatives that are not only cheaper, but healthier too. A homemade cuticle oil is ideal for you to use as a chemical-free solution.

Making a homemade cuticle oil is not that difficult of a task. Most homemade moisturizing products you make for your skin will typically have coconut oil as an ingredient. However, the recipe you will use will need a tablespoon of Almond oil. If you do not have any handy, then you can order some on Amazon.

A bottle with an eye dropper is recommended for your homemade cuticle oil. If you do not have one to use, a small bottle with a cap will work too. Simply massage a small amount of the oil on your cuticles at least once each day to see the best results. Instructions to make a batch of homemade cuticle oil are on freebiefindingmom.com here…