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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

DIY Scented Air Filter

DIY Scented Air Filter
photo by hvac.com

Do you use store bought sprays or plug-in air fresheners to make the home smell fresh and clean? Instead of using products that contain chemicals, a better option is something that is all natural. A greatt option for a home with central air or heating is a simple DIY scented air filter.

You will need to use essential oils or other scented spray to make a DIY scented air filter. You can use any type of furnace air filter for this task. Another solution is to use your air vents to help spread a scent throughout your home. A clothespin air freshener will work perfectly on an air vent.

Simply spray any furnace air with your favorite essential oil. If you do not have any essential oils, then a few drops of vanilla extract will work to make a DIY scented air filter. Your home will have a pleasant smell once you turn on your heating or air conditioning system. Instructions to make a DIY scented air filter can be found on hvac.com here…