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Friday, August 26, 2016

Stinky Shoe Spray

Stinky Shoe Spray
photo by bulkapothecary.com

Do you find that your brand new shoes have a stinky odor because they are being worn a lot? You can easily buy a powder from the store or maybe a deodorizing spray, but a store bought product is not that healthy. A better option is to make stinky shoe spray.

Making a simply stinky shoe spray will be easier than you may think. All you will need is an alcohol, like a cheap vodka, an essential oil, and a spray bottle. Tea tree oil is the essential oil you will want to have to use for this project. You can experiment with others too.

A small misting spray bottle will be the best container to use for your stinky shoe spray. You can find a lot of containers like this at most dollar stores or you may want to order one from Amazon. Simply fill your spray bottle with the solution and spray any shoes that are horribly stinky. Instructions to make your own stinky shoe spray can be found on bulkapothecary.com here...