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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Easy Homemade Shower Gel

Easy Homemade Shower Gel
photo by homemademommy.net

Are you using store bought bar soap or a liquid soap bought when showering? These types of soaps all have a lot of additives and synthetic compounds as ingredients that are not very healthy. Something that will be a whole lot healthier is an easy homemade shower gel.

Making an easy homemade shower gel will not take long if you have the ingredients. One of the main ingredients you need is Castile soap. This can be found on sites like Amazon if you do not have a bottle at home to use. You also need some raw honey and a few other ingredients.

Simply blend all of the ingredients together and add the mixture to a suitable container. An empty soap dispenser will be perfect to use or you can add a pump attachment to a mason jar. However, you might want to stick something plastic for an easy homemade shower gel. Instructions to make an easy homemade shower gel are available on homemademommy.net here...

Easy Homemade Shower Gel