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Monday, July 4, 2016

Dynamite Party Favors

Dynamite Party Favors
photo by ilovedoingallthingscrafty.com

Do you need something explosive as a treat or snack for a 4th of July party? A tasty snack that does not have a lot of harmful ingredients will be licorice. This means you have a simple way to make something for a fun snack like dynamite party favors.

Making your own dynamite party favors is really easy to do. You just need a few bags of Twizzlers, an assortment of TNT labels, and pretzel bags. The labels can be printed at home on a printer or bought at any dollar store. Plain white labels or napkin bands are available on Amazon.

A tin can or other container will be perfect for your dynamite party favors. If you do not prefer to have Twizzlers for a snack, then pretzel sticks or similar snacks will work too. Just make sure that the treats you want to prepare will not melt when out in the sun. Instructions to make your own dynamite party favors are on ilovedoingallthingscrafty.com here...

Dynamite Party Favors