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Friday, July 15, 2016

DIY Natural Sleep Mist

DIY Natural Sleep Mist
photo by eatplaylovemore.com

Are you aware of the many benefits of aromatherapy? The key to aromatherapy is using the right types of essential oils to get a desired result. If you want a way to sleep better at night, then a terrific solution is to use a DIY natural sleep mist.

Making a DIY natural sleep mist is actually really easy to do. You just need to make sure that you have all the essential oils you need for the aromatherapy recipe you will use. There are many oils to use that will help you sleep better at night. Lavender is an essential oil you may want to use.

Simply add the essential oil or oils you want into use to a spray bottle that has been filled with water. All you need to do is shake the bottle and spray the mixture onto your pillow before bed. You can even spray it on your sheets and other linens too. ' Instructions to make a DIY natural sleep mist can be found on eatplaylovemore.com here...

DIY Natural Sleep Mist