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Friday, June 3, 2016

Make Rose Water

Make Rose Water
photo by wellnessmama.com

Do you know that rose water has a lot of benefits and can be used in many ways around the home? You might be surprised at the uses that are available for this product around your home. All you need to do is learn the best way to make rose water.

The process to make rose water is not that hard as long as you have the best ingredients. You need to have a supply or rose petals that are either dried or fresh. This means you can simply go pick your own supply of roses to use for this task.

You will be simmering roses in regular water to when you make rose water at home. Just make sure you strain the water when you are ready to pour it into a suitable container. A dark bottle is the best choice or you can use a spray bottle for a container, if you have one available. The instructions to make rose water can be found on wellnessmama.com here...

Make Rose Water