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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Homemade Hand Sanitizer

Homemade Hand Sanitizer
photo by diynatural.com

Do you use a lot of store bought hand sanitizer? You may not know that there are many additives and compounds in these products that can damage your skin over time. A better option is to make your own homemade hand sanitizer to use at home or on the go.

The best thing about a homemade hand sanitizer is you will not ever have dry hands again. In fact, you are using natural ingredients that will actually help to moisturize your skin. The key to the effectiveness of the hand sanitizer is using specific essential oils. They are lavender and tea tree.

You can use any type of plastic bottle for a homemade hand sanitizer. However, the best option is an empty soap dispenser, as it is easy to refill. Existing hand sanitizer bottles will also work for this project. All you will need to use is just a dime sized amount. Instructions to make your own homemade hand sanitizer are available on diynatural.com here..

Homemade Hand Sanitizer