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Friday, June 24, 2016

Homemade Firming Eye Cream

Homemade Firming Eye Cream
photo by savingdollarsandsense.com

Are you using a firming eye cream that was purchased at a retail store? Most beauty products contain a variety of synthetic compounds that are not really healthy for your skin. A better option is to make your own homemade firming eye cream instead.

The process to make a homemade firming eye cream is not that difficult. You just need to have a saucepan and the necessary ingredients. Coconut oil is the main ingredient, but you will also need vitamin E capsules and some essential oils. Vitamin E liquid is also an option if you don't want to use capsules.

Heat the coconut oil in the saucepan and blend all the ingredients. A glass jar will be the best option to use as a container. The best part is, you do not need to keep your homemade firming eye cream in your refrigerator. Simply apply a bit under your eyes before bed. Instructions to make homemade firming eye cream are available on savingdollarsandsense.com here...

Homemade Firming Eye Cream