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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

All Natural Facial Peel

All Natural Facial Peel
photo by mymommystyle.com

Do you have skin that gets dried out a lot and may be flaky from time to time? There are many reasons for this and two of the most common include dry air and frequent hot baths. Most people will use store bought creams for dry skin, but a better solution is an all natural facial peel.

The best thing about an all natural facial peel is you may already have the ingredients you need in your kitchen. You just need some milk and powdered gelatin. A microwave safe bowl is also necessary. You can also use your stove if you do not have a microwave handy.

You need to apply an all natural facial peel to your skin while the mixture is still hot. Apply the peel to your face by using a spatula. Just make sure your face is clean before you do. This is something you are better off doing at night. Instructions to make your own all natural facial peel are available on mymommystyle.com here...

All Natural Facial Peel