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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Fat Free Chocolate Pops

Fat Free Chocolate Pops
photo by twohealthykitchens.com

Do you buy fudge pops from the grocery store to have as a treat? Store bought freezer treats contain an assortment of ingredients that are often synthetic and not all that healthy. You will be better off making your own fat free chocolate pops at home.

The best thing about making fat free chocolate pops is you only need four ingredients. You may have a few of the ingredients for the recipe already in your pantry. All you will need is some fat free evaporated milk, a bit of cocoa powder, some regular nonfat milk, and honey. Organic honey will be better to use, but any honey is sufficient.

Making fat free chocolate pops and home will require a popsicle mold. You also need a supply of basic popsicle sticks. Simply pour the chocolate pops mixture into your molds and add the popsicle sticks. A few hours in the freezer will be enough for them to harden. Instructions to make your own fat free chocolate pops are on twohealthykitchens.com here...

Fat Free Chocolate Pops