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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Natural Homemade Shave Cream

Natural Homemade Shave Cream
photo by sixdollarfamily.com

Are you looking for ways to keep from putting all sorts of chemicals on your skin? One product that is applied to a lot of people's skin on a daily basis is shaving cream. You can save money and be a lot more healthy by making a natural homemade shave cream.

The best thing about a natural homemade shave cream is, it is easy to make a really cheap. All you will need is a mixing bowl to whip the ingredients. This is important as your cream needs to be fluffy to be used for shaving. You should mix the ingredients for ten minutes to get the right consistency.

Your natural homemade shaving cream can be added to a glass jar or other container. The cream wlll need to be stored in a cool area or it might start to liquefy. Just apply a bit to your skin and shave normally with a clean razor. The instructions to make a natural homemade shave cream are on sixdollarfamily.com here...

Natural Homemade Shave Cream