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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Make A DIY Sunscreen

Make A DIY Sunscreen
photo by scratchmommy.com

Do you like spending time outside, but go through a lot of sunscreen in the process? The cost of decent sunscreen is not always cheap, and there are also chemicals you are applying to your body. One way for you to save a few bucks is to make a DIY sunscreen.

You can easily make a DIY sunscreen at home as long as you have the proper ingredients. One thing to keep in mind is you will not have the exact same protection from the sun. The sunscreen that you make will likely have a lower SPF than that of a store bought sunscreen.

Expect an SPF of about 20 when you make a DIY sunscreen at home. This should be plenty for people who will be outside for a good portion of the day. The main thing to remember when you are using any type of sunscreen is to reapply every couple of hours. 

Instructions to make a DIY sunscreen can be found on scratchmommy.com here...

Make A DIY Sunscreen