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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Homemade Magic Stain Remover

Homemade Magic Stain Remover
photo by elle.com

Would you like to have a stain remover for clothes that is free of chemicals and other additives? If so, then a homemade magic stain remover will be just what you need. This product is a spray that can be applied directly on clothes before putting them in the wash.

Three ingredients are all you need to make a homemade magic stain remover. This spray is almost like a Tide stick, but in the form of a spray. You will need to mix natural dish soap, hydrogen peroxide, and some baking soda. The recipe can be modified depending on how much you need.

A dark spray bottle can be used for this homemade magic stain remover. If you want to have the spray when traveling, then a mist spray bottle will be the best option. You can typically find a spray bottle at stores like Walmart or online on Amazon. Just shake the bottle before using spray on a stain. Instructions to make a homemade magic stain remover are on elle.com here...

Homemade Magic Stain Remover