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Monday, April 4, 2016

Homemade Fruit And Nut Energy Bites

Homemade Fruit And Nut Energy Bites
photo by lifeasmom.com
Do you skip breakfast in the morning because you don't have time to make something healthy or don't want to have a simple bowl of cereal? There are a lot of alternatives that are available. Something that you can make ahead of time that will be tasty and healthy is fruit and nut energy bites.

Making a batch of fruit and energy bites is really easy to do and can be done the night before or on the weekend. All you need is the proper ingredients and ten minutes of your time. Many of the ingredients you need may already be in your kitchen. 
A food processor will be needed to make fruit and energy bites. You can even change the fruit to use if you want something different. Dried cranberries are a good option is you do not want to use apricots in the recipe. Just make sure to keep them stored in an airtight container. Instructions to make a batch of fruit and nut energy bars are on lifeasmom.com here...

Homemade Fruit And Nut Energy Bites