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Friday, May 13, 2016

Make Your Own Vanilla Extract

photo by wellnessmama.com

Do you like baking at home and adding flavors like vanilla to cakes or other recipes? Instead of using a store bought vanilla extract, you can easily make your own vanilla extract at home. This is cheaper than to buy a high prices vanilla extract from the store.

A few whole vanilla beans are all you need to make your own vanilla extract. You can order all or your vanilla beans online or you can look at a local market to see what is available. Another item to have for this task is a spiced rum or vodka that is non GMO.

The process to make your own vanilla extract is really easy. If you have ever made an infusion with an olive oil or other liquid, then this task is essentially the same. Simply put some prepared vanilla beans in a mason jar and cover with alcohol. Your extract will be ready in about 2-3 months. Instructions to make your own vanilla extract can be found on wellnessmama.com here...

Make Your Own Vanilla Extract